Thursday, April 16, 2015

19,967 miles later and Mr. X - ghee @ FFC

Fashion for Change runs through April 25.   In a nutshell,  Fashion For Change (FFC) is a thoughtfully curated event by Eleseren Brianna CEO of Romance Couture.  This  is a two week shopping, entertainment and high fashion event designed to raise funds for the charity Womankind Worldwide.  This organization is  an admirable and important RL group based in the UK whose mission is to  help women in the developing world. Get there.

This fabulous exclusive jumpsuit by ghee called Tropicana with its whimsical  tribal texture is perfect for exploration.   I told Mr. X sometimes you have to stop working like time is the enemy and just go.  Let's trace the steps of Stanley and Livingstone through the heart of Africa; climb the San Juan Mountains in Durango and soak in the hot springs in Iceland.

Tropicana comes in four multi-colored textures Fandango, Grapetini, Lagoon and Tango.  It also includes a turban styled headpiece giving the look a touch of that harkens back to tribal roots that make this jumpsuit even more chic. I have paired ---- with vintage sunglasses Awe by Sonatta Morales and new beads from Mandala. For this blog I am wearing Lagoon and Tango.

19,767 miles later... Mr. X and I are still energized and ready to keep exploring.  Mr. X told me a secret I will share with you..."Sita, sometimes you have to get lost to be found."  It's probably superfluous to say that this jumpsuit travels well!

ghee - Tropicana in Lagoon and Tango
Direct TP -

Show and Entertainment Schedule

Saturday 18th April

COC Challenge 10am

Performer 12noon Maximillion Kleene 2014 Avi Choice Winner

Show (MVWMA) 2pm -
Sunday 19th April

Misses Show 10am

Performer 12noon Keeba Tammas
DJ 1pm tbc
Wed 22nd April

DJ: Mex (SL Radio) 1-3pm SLT
Saturday 25th April
11am Auction finale - neck cadaver presiding

2pm Final DJ Party - Walter Balazic
(with fireworks)

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