Friday, April 24, 2015

Sensational Smesh @ Sneak Peek & Mr. X

Refreshing.  Sophisticated. Mr. X asked me what I meant... Well, Mr. X there is something about soft fabric skimming the chest and hip.  Like this new exclusive outfit at Sneak Peek by Smesh called Awesome & Daisey Outfit.

This hip silk bustier is sleek and sexy... with a zipper up the front and a perfect collar...and, no, not that kind of collar!!  It all adds up to a recipe for style... Mr. X will like this line.
Another version of this look by Smesh is called Lemon and Blue.  Both outfits come with matching shoes and bracelets, rings and even a purse... to hold all your goodies!

Smesh - Exclusive at Sneak Peek
Awesome & Daisey and Blue and Lemon
LM for Sneak Peek

Skin: October 4 Seasons - Jewell Blossom 

A Note about October 4 Season Skins:
Many of October's customers  have been with her since the brand change. She will offering special courses around season color theory and how to use your mesh bodies to all October's 4Seasons group members. These sessions will be small and you must own one of the O4S supported mesh body products and be a group member.  Please note that group gifts and lucky chair items are excluded.

So you have purchased one of the following mesh bodies:
Slink Physique
Maitreya Lara
or the TMP Body

and are confused in how to use them take the course to learn how to use them and how to wear them with mesh clothing.

October will also resume teaching seasonal color theory. All O4S skins are centered around seasonal color theory and she will explain what it means and how O4S makeups are organized to assist you in your clothing and makeup choices.

These courses will be limited to 5 students each and sorted by the type of mesh product being taught. If you wish to participate in the courses please send a notecard to either October Bouvier or Vanhessa6x.  Title the notecard - "Classes - (Your Name Here)." If possible, include your calling card within the notecard.  Notecards that say "New Note" will not be considered. When the class size is established a  date will be set. 

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