Monday, March 2, 2015

Pretty in Pink & Mr. X - New Release by Sascha Designs

Mr. X told me about her. She was at Altamont. Saw the fall of the Berlin Wall. Built helicopters for the navy. Fed the birds in Venice. Supposedly there’s a song about her.

I told Mr. X I didn't care; neither does he says!  What I do care about is this fabulous high waisted silk pants set that comes with a top in two styles by Sascha Designs.  The silk texture of this powder pink ensemble is is super sexy in a very feminine way... Mr. X loves that...most real men do.

Both tops have a deep V cut and have a silken sheen with a hint of lace. One had sleeves and one is backless and sleeveless... both looks work with these pencil thin slacks. I have paired this outfit with the new hair called Trop Mignon by Vanity. I bought it by accident, but really love it... of course I love all hair.

New shoes by Muse called Pink Party Vintage Pink Diamond heels for slink high feet add an additional layer of glamour. Like with all things by Muse the detail is wonderful.

Speaking of glamour, I could not resist wearing the opulent crystal and gold necklace by Sonatta Morales called Lady Rose.  I love the way this necklace with its finely wrought yellow gold roses circles my neck.  The set comes with a pair of earrings that pull this look together.

Waiting in the mist in this soft pink outfit I think I shall leave Mr. X a trail of rose petals to find me from this gorgeous new bouquet by NSP Florals called Snowbourne Fields Holly. I am sure Mr. X will find me and we will feed the birds together and talk about days gone by and those days -- wonderful days to come.

Sascha Designs - Meringue in Pink
Skin Skin: October 4 Seasons - Jewell blossom  - *new* skin
Shoes - Muse - Vintage Pink Diamonds
 Necklace: Sonatta Morales - Lady Rose
 Bouquet - NSP Florals Snowbourne Fields Holly