Saturday, December 6, 2014

Mr. X -- Good as Gold & **Glitter @ Sneak Peek

Mr. X told me no matter what happens that I am as good as gold... I like that about Mr. X... he makes me feel that all is ok even if I am a little down...

Sometimes, only gold will do... just ask Shakespeare's Cleopatra... although my outcome is not as dire as hers!  To cheer up, I decided to wear the opulent  mermaid styled gown with bursts of star spangled sequins by **Glitter called Mila Mermaid.

Mila has a sexy back that is embellished with pearls and centered with a beautifully crafted gold flower.  The front of the dress repeats the pearl and gold flower jewelry making this gown sublime.

I love anything vintage and the tulle veil box styled hat was just too cute to pass up and adds an additional touch of elegance to this gown created by Shine Messmer. And, never forget your diamond studded clutch that pulls the entire outfit together.

Sneak Peek LM

**Glitter  - Mila Mermaid Gown - Sneak Peak

Skin and Eyemake Up -
Skin October 4 Seasons Liala Blossom Blonde and Soulful gold eye shadow

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