Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mr. X and the Vortex... new release by Sonatta Morales

You don't know her.  Not formally anyway.  You have seen her on Madison Ave., once at the bar in Hotel Nacional de Cuba, and more than once at the notorious Eldorado in Berlin.
Her companions bend their head toward her as if she speaks in whispers... she is faultlessly alluring in a new red gown by Sonatta Morales called Vintage Vortex --  perfectly named for the whirlwind of netting and glowing red silk that composes this gown.
You've noticed her at times when your life has seemed ordinarily repetitive.  You can't miss her in this "Vortex" of silk  with it's artful netting forming graceful Art Deco lines that flatters every move creating a perfect silhouette.

Vortex is made for witty conversation and romantic innuendo... parties, dancing in the moonlight... slow fade....

Wearing: Vintage Vortex - Sonatta Morales - NEW
Hair: Adelle - Gold - Sonatta Morales

Skin - Morphine - Luisa Medium

Mesh Photo Studio - Image Photography

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