Sunday, October 5, 2014

Lead us not into temptation and Mr. X & Aphrodite Homes

It seems that every year Mr. X and I have the same conversation about Halloween... I just love it!  And, on SL it is even more fun to dress up and decorate because designers imaginations here seem to be limitless in creativity.  Take October Bouvier from  October's 4Seasons ... her new skin Angelina is called "Milk" and, they say, it is always good for you... just like...well... milk!
And, then there are the amazingly fun items from Aphrodite at Heart Homes.... like this..... "Witches Candle Holder"  I am totally enthralled.....and as always, oh la la .... into temptation.....
There are so many  goodies-- tricks and treats that  Aphrodite at Heart Homes has created for our entertainment.......
Aphrodite for Heart Homes creates some of  the best spooky furniture on the planet like my all time favorite, the Bloody Mary Dining Room Set that comes with 6 low prim chairs with "horror" animations and a table that serves up a full menu of food and drink from cute to creepy!
A new find from Heart Homes is the Black Rose Couple Gothic Living Room Set that comes with a low prim couch and two wing back chairs with tons of couples and singles animations plus an elegant coffee table all have fine details like matching accent pillows and graceful french legs and arms on the furniture. 
Atmospheric photos, a vase and working coffee set add to the fun.  And, perhaps I learn something from the Black Rose... a way to entice or.... mmmmm hmmm as Mr. X would say.... 
I love dollhouses of all kinds... and the "Haunted Toy House" is full of fun surprises...with one touch the lights flicker, ghosts emerge and pumpkins and skulls chase one another.... and yes, there are bats too!  Note my boots... Eshi Otawara -- I love them and her.... 

Oh and one more thing.... if there is anyone you want to send to "hell" ..... need I say more ?  Other than I  wear Violator -- steam punk  and fabulous.... i almost feel like devil wears... Violator!

ooops there he or she or it.... goes...... straight to....and yes, Mr. X knows where I am...

Wearing: Violator -

Boots: Eshi  Otawara - Silver boots ---

Skin - October's 4Seasons -Angelina -  Milk  NEW

Cool - Stuff- from Aphrodite 
"Witches Candle Holder"
Bloody Mary Dining Room Set
Black Rose Couple Gothic Living Room Set 
"Haunted Toy House"
Go to Hell
Inworld -

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