Thursday, August 7, 2014

Eclipse - Mangos - Mr. X & New release Sonatta Morales

Mr. X told me that the new dress created by Sonatta  Morales is called Eclipse.  "Sita, you will eclipse all others obscuring them in a penumbra when you wear this dress... it is sensational!"
The pencil thin skirt is richly textured with a black/ mango orange flock Victorian velvet damask.  Mangos... the most decadent fruit on the planet... of rich sensual taste and color...
Eclipse is classically graceful  with a scoop neckline, three quarter length sleeves and a dramatic satin belted waist embellished by a soft mango colored sash...that is just delicious and makes your legs look like they go on forever!
I love the gloves that come up to your elbows and have a little row of buttons from the bottom of the glove to the top....they are intricately extraordinary.
I recall middle afternoons when the light is filtered through mangos and the scent of citrus is redolent on the breeze...
...somethings wear their becoming in shades of meaning...when eyes meet...then lips......and you slip deeper into the deepening shadows of the afternoon.

Eclipse - Sonatta Morales

Hair - Sonatta Morales - Alinda - Mellow Gold

Shoes - Eurdora

Skin - Morphine - Jade Medium @ Aloha Fair

New Main Store LM for Morphine Skins

Jewelry - PC Diamond Collar and earrings

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