Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Comic Princess and Mr. X at Penumbra Fashion Week

Sometimes it is important to just have fun... this is what Mr. X thinks anyway, and I tend to agree with him.  Too much "work" on SL is just silly!

With that in mind, I decided to wear the exclusive release from Penumbra Fashion Week by Holy Shirt (what a fun name for a clothing brand)  called Comic Princess.  With it's mosaic of cartoon characters and print, I feel like I would be the most popular gal at the comic book store on the Big Bang Theory TV show!

To go with this dress don't miss out on the comic book textured Mary Jane Shoes that come with black socks that complete this hip look.

Another design by Holy Shirt is the simple but wonderfully fun A-line shift dress called Rabbit Mini Dress.  With, yes, you got it bunnies -- fashionable bunnies too!

Wearing: Exclusives from Penumbra Fashion Week by Holy Shirt
Comic Princess and Mary Jane Shoes and Socks
Rabbit Mini Dress
Penumbra LM:

Hair: Truth- Nova

Sunglasses Sonatta Morales *8* Awesome red -

Skin: Morphine - 

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