Thursday, March 6, 2014

MVW Spain new release by © Champagne! Sparkling Couture

The colors of Spain...lapis lazuli, apple jade  and gold...  embellish this beautiful gown called Origin that was worn by MVW 2014 Spain designed by Sparkling Champagne.  Layer upon layer of blue chiffon with an intricate green and gold pattern floats effortlessly with each movement.  
At dusk, the sun bathes the landscape in gold...accentuating the gorgeous jewels that crown this dress... grand peacock feathers, golden wings and a wide belt  set with lapis lazuli and jade.
Mr. X tells me this lavish dress with it's asymmetrical hemline and flowers that seductively wrap around legs and arms was created to entice!
The moorish styled necklace and gorgeous turban embellished with gold chains is set off by jade and lapis lazuli flowers and crowned with a peacock feather that adds an air of mystique. I have paired this dress with Beatrix Skin in Tan by Morphine...for group members there is a 40% off sale through March 9.
I can feel the orange blossom scented breeze...swirl through the Moorish magnificence of Alhambra... with its' intricate patterned ceramic tiles, filigree windows and scalloped stucco...I wait for Mr. X the golden twilight.

Wearing: Origin by  © Champagne! Sparkling Couture Renaissance Galleria/28/74/28

Skin - Morphine Beatrix Tan

Call for Contest
Sparkling Face of the Monthly Champagne Contest! 

 This is a monthly contest for men and women.  The goal is to find beautiful, elegant people in SL, to represent the sparkling and glamorous flair of Champagne Designs. Competition Dates are always the 15th of every month. So submit your photos until 15th of each month; winners announced in the evening of the 15th

What do you have to do?
-  first join the CHAMPAGNE! contest  sparkling face of the month group on Flickr : and join  the contest group

-  make a nice picture , wearing one of the outfits of CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture ,
   you can place 3 maximun  per avatar (min. 512 x 512 pixels)
- rename them CHAMPAGNE CONTEST " your name"

Enzo Champagne will pick 3 names each 15th of month:

The Prizes
-3th Place win a store card value 500l
-2nd Place win a store card value 1500l
and the winner ,
-1st Place win to be in the AD of Champagne in  Magazines (So you have to be avaiable to do the photoshoot) and in stores,and vendor ad.
      And win too a storecard value 5000l

Rules of the Competition
1.You must be wearing a Champagne outfit  (male or female).   (In mainstore or )
2. You may submit a maximum of 3 photographs (each with different Champagne outfit).
3.  If possible , No logos, no signs and no names please!
4.  Size of the photos: 1024x1024 pixels, min 512
5. Champagne reserves the right to disqualify if the rules mentioned are not respected;
6.You give Champagne all your rights to use your pics for promotions ,etc..
7.Bloggers, if you have received a free outfit to blog, make an effort to do a pic with another outfit, to be fair with the other models

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