Monday, January 6, 2014

Mr. X and Radiance... Eshi Otawara

Stars Do You See Me

An omnipotent queen of light draped in Radiance by Eshi Otawara…

Radiance defines reflection…silver luminescent stars float on a field of white … dissolving into new formations – each a gift of nature bound together like Mr. X and me…blissful cosmic harmony.

Taking flight  - a white bird searching.   Feathers float across sorrows that are part of the weave and waft of life.

In the deepest heart of night radiant joy and memories flash illuminating what has been dark for too long.

Deep into eyes that see the dream…radiant eyes of midnight blue …look everywhere… it is all around; a delusion set to spin… gathering the glowing light cherishing all --beauty and illusion. The next move is yours…

Scene/Build: Lea 19 by Frankx Lefavre a study of the  metamorphosis  of light and glass and interaction

Wearing- Radiance by Eshi Otawara

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