Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mr. X and the Dragon Empress - MVW - China by Enzo Champagne

Walls within walls not only encircled in the Middle Kingdom, but contained each city, and within each city, each quarter, and within each quarter each palace and mansion.Yes, the Dragon empress reigns in an exquisite gown of rich scarlet silk brocade called Dragon by Enzo Champagne.
The Dragon Empress,Tz' u-hsi, "Little Orchid" born on the day of the tenth moon reigned supreme over 400 million.... this gown was made for MVW China by the ever so talented Enzo Champagne -- it is simply beautiful.

Flowing bows of silk drift languidly on the jasmine breeze of the palace... they are made of the finest silk brocade fit for an Empress. Dragons playfully embellish the bodice of this gown reminding all to approach with respect befitting an Goddess in the Forbidden City.

The Dragon outfit comes with an opulent headdress replete with a gleaming dragon  perfect for a Manchu Empress.

I await for Mr. X to find me deep within the maze of halls and pavilions, temples and living quarters, pagodas and garden retreats of the Forbidden City...he will find me along the lakeshore deep in the heart of the Sea Palace....

Wearing: Dragon -- Dress and Headdress: Renaissance Galleria/28/74/28

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