Sunday, August 14, 2016

Mr. X & the Ouija Board - Aphrodite @Heart Homes & Indian Summer Hunt @ Ghee

The answers to my questions came fast and furious on this mysteriously fun ouija board called Macabre Soul  Ouija Sofa Set by Aphrodite @ Heart Homes.  Mr. X asked if this was a tool of the devil... a harmless game or a glimpse into a super powerful force of nature...  Even the name Ouija is cast in shadows and mystery... it is said that the creators of this first talking board asked the board itself what it wanted to be called and "Ouija" came through...when they asked what it meant... the board replied... "good luck".... let's hope so Mr. X.

The idea is that two or more people place their hands on the planchette, pose a question and watch as the planchette move from letter to letter spelling out answers seemingly of its own accord. This set called Macabre Soul  Ouija Sofa  by Aphrodite at Heart Homes does not disappoint.  Seated on the comfortable couch, pose your questions and toggle the planchette and watch it move around the board, spelling out your answers.

This set is also fully animated with couples and single poses, plus wacky "horror" poses and even a series of activities like sitting around drinking fine cognac and smoking a cigar!

Aphrodite at Heart Homes- Macabre Soul  Ouija Sofa Set (comes in adult and PG)

Wearing Ghee- Shorts, sandals and  cami - Part of the "Indian Summer Hunt" (more on that soon)

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