Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Flamenco - Mr. X and Naomi - *Exclusive* Jumo @ Swank

The new exclusive at Swank by Jumo called Naomi is fabulous... although it is available in many colors, I choose Mr. X's favorite color... red or "fiesta" !  Wearing Naomi, I told Mr. X to get ready to dance the  Flamenco whose name is thought to be a derivative of fire or flame and in this gorgeous outfit you are sure to set the room on fire!

Naomi consists of pants with cascading ruffles that ripple and sway as you walk or dance. Sometimes these pants look like a exotic gown.  I love the detailed waistline and opulent belt with it's gold buckle that gives these pants extra dimension and allure.  The cascading ruffle dresses of flamenco dancers is based on a style of dress worn for the Sevillanas at the annual Feria in Seville.

The top is accented by gold chains in an lovely floral pattern of black and red.  The set also comes with drop earrings and a beautifully crafted necklace in an antique gold finish that makes a statement and completes this exotically exciting look.

So Mr. X let's get ready to go to the fiesta that officially begins at midnight...you will find me waiting for you in the pavilion on the far bank of the Guadalquivir River... and please, don't forget my castanets!

Swank Exclusive - Jumo - Naomi -  color: Fiesta

Skin - October 4 Season Skins - Rehana Marigold

Hair TWK

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