Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Well Played - Mr. X and New Finds @ FAD Plus New Poses L.A. BoS

Sometimes it is fun to be a bad girl lascivious almost on the verge of wanton... with slinky gold zippers up the front of black silk short shorts... and a plunging neckline what more could a man could ask for  (besides brains, money and a great sense of humor)?   This is a fab find at FAD by LAVian & Co called Street Dreams.

Tonight I am in the mood to show off my long slender legs....  oh la la! Mr. X often tells me I am a "tall drink of water" and as refreshing as a spring deep in the desert....ok sure, I always fall for his lines, for god sake I am a  romantic..... aren't you ---- somehow or other... and... who really can resist Mr. X!

As for the shoes, they are also an exclusive at FAD by LAVian & Co called Davinia Heels.  These gladiator heels are made for  slithering around the grid -- I like the details of these beautifully crafted heels.  Best of all these heels, for high slink feet come with a color changing hud offering at least 20 colors in every shade imaginable from teal blues and hot pinks to pastels and earth tones, they are simply a must have.
The poses are new by L.A. BoS by Steele Sirnah that makes photos easy and  realistic, and best of all, original. L.A. BoS  runs monthly contests that offer cash prizes and poses named after you. Join their flickr group and post poses to enter.

Wearing - Fad Exclusives
Outfit - *NEW* -LAVian & Co - Street Dreams
Shoes -  LAVian & Co - Davinia Heels

Skin- *NEW*- October 4 Seasons - Rehana Auburn
Poses *New* - LABoS Peaches

Sparkie Harland - Image Photography Meshudio Version 2
join the flickr and share your photos

Hair - AD - Amber - Dark Brown

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