Friday, July 3, 2015

The Cat's MEOW - EVA round 7 & New Group Gift October 4 Seasons

Eden of Virtual Arts (EVA)  - Mr. X and I liked the sound of that... and the bargains to be found there are a bonus!  Here everything is exclusive and on wicked sale, under 150L and most way under that from fabulous designers. Check out this new dress by  WTB called Zoe... it has a rich floral texture like a fanciful moonlight garden with a ever so sexy criss cross bra top.

The keyhole back adds a bit more sexiness to this dress with the detailed straps...that is certainly the cat's meow.  Speaking of the cat's meow-- I am wearing October 4 Season Skins new group gift -- it is gorgeous in a sweet summer tan... check out the "Catnip" tattoo in the back.... "meow"!

I really love this group skin... simply called "Catnip" and yes, it is addictive -- just as my four cats.... hugs out to my chandni chowk... a grand Himalayan... he loved catnip.... and  I think of him when I look at these fun cat prints on my shoulder... and the sultry eyes of this skin and kissable red lips...and a special tattoo that is  well --- purr--fectly  placed by your navel --- its amazing.  It even comes with a special shape...get the group gift and check it out... it's fabulous...and, really generous and beyond well done.  The gift also comes with every applier  (that I know of) on the grid.

Another find is by NET called Lola,  a vibrant  floral mini -- talk about "flower power" !   This dress revives the graphics of the 60's --- mmmm the summer of love I heard it was called... but I never kiss and tell..... and for that matter, god alone knows what the cat will  drag in............

EVA Exclusives --
Net - Lola
Poses - Vestige - Model Pose: 5,6 and blood runway
EVA evet LM

Hair with WTB- Zoe and Lola by Net -Asset - Melly and Blitz

Skin- *New* October 4 Seasons Group Gift --- Catnip!

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