Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mr. X and Irene - New Sascha & October 4Seasons

Mr. X told me that everything conveys something. Colors reveal moods. Blue: Affectionate. Yellow: Joy. Red: Aroused. Pink: Teasing. Green: Innocent. Black: Mysterious. And this new outfit by Sascha called Irene has a colorful jacket with a fun color changing hud perfect for every mood whether playful or mysterious.

I paired this look with October 4 Season's new sexy bronze skin called Zulay Papavar --it's a perfect summer tan and comes with 5 make-ups, all appliers, brown and black brows, with and without cleavage, some cool below the belt "heart" and "strip"  plus a no make up option.  This is make-up #1 brown... I love the coral lips that glisten with gloss and the complimentary eyeshadow.

Actions reveal emotions.  It is true.  I  don’t seek center stage but I won't  apologize to Mr. X  when I am there.  He applauds and loves the show -- we love to spar mentally......and we do that often.... it is something I adore about him... he is intelligent.   I am wearing  another jacket option by Sascha  and skin option by October. The skin is Zulay Papavar -  make up # 5  with glisenting deep red lips and coral eye-make up that is perfect with this jacket.

Pity, that I am pretty but not young.  Have a laugh like Dietrich, eyes like Ava, and a handful of doctorates. When I slide into this updated pant suit and jacket, with these vibrant colors splashed on the drape of this silk satin, and this smokey and seductive skin..... every man (and woman) seeks me out  for answers about you.... Mr. X

 And, yet, another gorgeous and jacket....  just get it !


Outfit with hud: *NEW* - Sascha's Designs -  Irene

Skin - *NEW* - October 4 Season Skins -  Zulay Papavar
Nails - *NEW* - October 4 Season Skins - Lazy Days of Summer - Neutral for Slink (also omega,  maitreya)

Shoes  Morphine Sandals  White slink High  Feet

Hair - * NEW* - Emo-tions - Ashanti 

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