Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Green Beer & Mr. X - Heart Homes- Paddy's Pub

Hello, I am your bartender at the new Paddy's Pub created by Aphrodite at Heart Home..... I am a logical negativist...and think there are two kinds of people in the world... workers and hustlers.  The hustlers never work and the workers, they never hustle and yes, I am taking your order and notes.

St Patty's Day is around the corner and Mr. X and I are brewing up double green trouble at the F&S Bar with the new mesh pub called Paddy's Pub by Aphrodite at Heart Homes.

Paddy's Bar comes fully loaded with animations and tons of props that will add up to countless months of fun.  There are also 4 bar stools with fun animations for sitting, leaning, drinking -- green beer of course and chatting.  I like when the bartender is put to work. This bar keeps them busy so the beer the will always be cold!  

Mr. X is a mixologist think --think that Tom Cruise movie and the line...." I am the last barman poet / I see America drinking the fabulous cocktails I make / Americans getting stinky on something I stir or shake / The sex on the beach / The schnapps made from peach / The velvet hammer / The Alabama slammer. / I make things with juice and froth / The pink squirrel / The three-toed sloth. / I make drinks so sweet and snazzy / The iced tea / The kamakazi / The orgasm / The death spasm / The Singapore sling / The dingaling. / America you've just been devoted to every flavor I got / But if you want to got loaded / Why don't you just order a shot? / Bar is open."

 Behind the bar, the bartender pours beer from two different taps, mixes drinks, cleans glasses and wipes down the bar.

Personally, I like pouring straight from a keg -- don't you... a nice dark beer and I sing to myself, the luck is gone, the brain is shot.... but the liquor...we still got!

The barman even takes orders... I like that because as Mr. X knows, I am very good at giving.... orders!  Once in a while, Mr. X gives me my "Marching" orders !  

Bar- *NEW* - Mesh Bar -  Paddy's Irish Bar Aphrodite at Heart Homes

Bar Room - Frankx Lafavre
See his build on Lea 18


Violator- Candy Red Skirt, Passion Blazer, Pride Stiletto Ankle Boots
RL Violator - www.finerblack.com

Hair - Asset Hair  - *New* - Melly in Light blonde

Skin - October 4 Seasona - Jewell

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