Friday, January 2, 2015

Mr. X and a very late lunch Holy Shirt's new releases...

She gets up around noon and does whatever it is that she does...before shopping.... Mr. X always wonders.  When she shows up late, it's late.

But, what an entrance in this new release by Holy Shirt simply called "Shirt Dress".  It comes in  argyle, red, black, blue and in a rose pattern all come with a matching heart shaped purse.
I love the way the tones have contrasting sleeves, collars and hemlines, it is such a distinctive touch.  I have paired this with Holy Shirt's "Dolly boots"  they are hip and complete this gorgeous retro ensemble.

Ok Mr. X... not hanging by the telephone much longer ... the after holiday sales have begun........

Holy Shirt - Skirt Dress and Dolly boots
Skin - Morphine Skins

Hair - Acedia - No longer Available

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