Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sea of Dreams & Mr. X.... New release by Sascha Designs

Mr. X said, "imagine an idyllic stretch of the most perfect beach...

dazzling white sand that sprinkles ashore as a sugar soft treat for your toes... the warm sea of luminous turquoises, blues and greens...passing clouds and a ring of green palms swaying in the breeze...."  When I think of tropical colors, I think of the succulent fruits of the tropics... and the new dress by Sascha Designs called Tani that comes in a number of colors and print options.

Passionate orange like the fruit of the mango... the king of fruits, with its rich flavor that is unforgettable -- just like the colors of  Tani in Orange block print with it's elegant dash of hot pink down the center.
Tani also comes in "lemon"  both in solid lemon and a block print.  Lemon is embellished with the butterfly hat that you can wear on your left or right side.  I have paried lemon with the newly released shoes called Xana By Charmed Breedables -- they are just a perfect match for this ensemble.

Lemons....appealingly fresh and vibrant.... this dress makes a statement...with plenty of "zest" !

 Tani in Fuchia the color of sunsets -- and summer dreams -- much like the dragon fruit with its' bright fuchia skin and sweet creamy white flesh.... dotted with tasteful black seeds....

Tani in aqua ... a place where the sky meets the sea.... this dress is like the horizon at dawn with it's splash of pink and gold....

Wearing: Sascha  Designs - Tani

Vanity Hair - where the boys are

Skin and Makeup - Morphine Skins  Luisa Skin Medium, Audrey Lips and shadow

Nails: Nailed It! Nailed IT

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