Sunday, November 24, 2013

Anniversary Specials (Styles by Danielle) and Mr. X

Mr. X and I love to celebrate milestones, like anniversaries! For us, anniversaries are inspirational times when we reflect over past accomplishments and dream of the future…a time when today’s accomplishments were yesterday’s impossibilities. 

And, speaking of anniversaries November 25-30 Styles By Danielle is celebrating four years of glorious designs in SL.  A billowing skirt that swirls around your legs with a deep cut up the front defines Gisele in Bordeaux, Danielle’s official anniversary gown.  This spectacular gown is only 199L for members.

Gisele in Bordeaux comes with two styles of tops crafted in a soft peach floral patterned texture that is as elegant as it is feminine.  One top can be worn with flowers and sleeves that easily attach and the second top can be worn alone; both are stunning.

Don’t miss the Fashion Show by AIM Agency on Saturday, November 30 at 1 p.m. SL time being organized to celebrate four years of Styles by Danielle, owned by Dani Plassitz.  In addition to the show, from Nov. 25-30 Dani has prepared specials for you that include a huge sale on 40 items that are 50% off – just look for the red sale button!  To round out the celebration, on Nov. 30th there will be FREE group enrollment!   So if I were you, I’d make plans to celebrate this wonderful milestone!  Congratulations Dani!

Gisele in Bordeaux by Styles by Danielle - Special Anniversary Dress 199L for group members

Hair- Shena - Emo-tions

Necklace - Cierce,  Tekelli

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Verbena and Mr. X new release Sonatta Morales

When Mr. X and I are in a “vintage” mood, there is only one place in SL that we love to visit..
 and that is Berlin - a fabulous Sim dedicated to the whirlwind known as the Weimer Era created by Jo Yardley.  It was then, in the 1920s, that the arts and sciences flourished and when places like SL’s Eldorado owned by Sonatta Morales provided exceptionally fertile ground for intellectuals, artists, and innovators and…eccentrics!
Strappy, bejeweled flapper girl frocks are the perfect party dresses to wear in Berlin – or anywhere on the grid.  They are distinctive and sexy and the new dress by Sonatta Morales called Verbena is an instant eye catching masterpiece of vintage style. Verbena, like the beautiful flower it is named after, has an amazing texture reminiscent of crushed velvet that appears to be simple, but is dense in complexity.  
This dress is absolutely delicious with myriad shades of charcoal, lavender verbena and purple. Verbena is a classic 1920s dress with a long straight shape and a classic low waistline embellished by a lavender belt. A pleated skirt  swirls and sways alluringly adds dimension and flair.

Detailed gloves with lace accents on the elbows and hands, pearls and a bobbed hair makes this 1920s look come alive!

Dress: Verbena- Sonatta Morales
Hair: Lulu in black – Sonatta Morales
Pearl Necklace and Earrings – Sonatta Morales

Eldorado –Shows on Saturday at 2 SL time

Monday, November 18, 2013

2Lei Art Exhibition and Auction Opens Nov. 19 on Violator Sim

2Lei is a collaborative SL project to raise awareness and funds related to the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women”. Violator and other SL Groups are joining to support  the United Nations backed initiative that calls November 25th the “International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women“.

The art works include photos, installations and sculptures as well as studio sessions with acclaimed SL photographers.
The exhibit, held in a surreal and avante garde setting, will open to the public on 19 November at the Violator Art Gallery and pre-bids will be accepted for each piece. The final auction will occur on 23 November at 12:30-1:00PM SLT.


Dantelicia Ethaniel, Marcopol Oh, Buffy Holfe, Anna Sapphire, Natzuka Miliandrovic, Annough Lykin, Soraya Vaher, Shena Neox, Julie Hastings, Cael Nyn, Kubrick Resident, Carmsie Melodie, Dusty Canning, Fionakarr Resident, Weelerwood Oppewall, Eleseren Brianna, Frankx Lafavre, Alyx Aerallo, Fuzz Lennie, Chii Kimagawa, Elaseran Brianna, Emma Krokus, Shangreloo Kuhn, NicoleX Moonwall, Daniele Eberhardt.


Dantelicia Ethaniel, Marcopol Oh, Anna Sapphire, Natzuka Miliandrovic, Annough Lykin, Shena Neox.

Proceeds from the auction will go towards ending violence against women via the UN Foundations Fund for Women
For best results, set Draw Distance to 400 meters or greater and use region windlight.
Photos: Frank Lefavre

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Aphrodite's House @ Collabor88 & Mr. X

Industrial Chic is the theme this month at Collabor88 and Aphrodite House for Heart Homes is a featured designer.  For this event Aphrodite House has released a chic industrial living room set and a fabulous massage table and spa area.  Mr. X and I are enjoying lounging around and discovering all the features these clever sets have to offer.

The Industrial Living Room Set is finished in neutral tones with lovely accents such as a cashmere throw and decorative pillows that add just the right splash of color making this set perfect for just about any home setting. 

The center of the room is accented with a coffee table, a fireplace with a control menu and an artful chandelier much like the RL ceiling light by Gregorius| Pineo. Click the lamps for lowlight/bright/off light.

The couch comes with a menu of couples and single poses.  Some poses give you props, like cups of coffee, just wear them from your Object folder and enjoy!  The Chair also comes with poses – the “gentlemen” poses are especially well done.

As always, the detail Marina Ramer & Jaylin Whitewood put into their low prim builds amaze me.  Best of all through December 6 – this set is half price !  Don’t miss out on this great deal.

The Deco styled Massage Table Set is great and comes in two versions, PG and Adult.   If you click the lower platform you will find a menu of realistic rezable scenes that include wearable items to massage with. If you are shy, no worries, a modesty towel is part of the package.

The set comes with a deco styled vanity and mirror with an array of items from toothbrushes to flowers.  If you sit on the table, you will get a menu of possible poses with selected objects you can wear from your object  folder.

Collabor88 -

Aphrodite for Heart Homes

Friday, November 1, 2013

Twilight Over Kilimanjaro (new release by Violator) and Mr. X

Dreaming in a rose-colored mist Mr. X took me to a heavenly haven romantically situated in the crater of Mount Kilimanjaro. 

As we strolled along, hand in hand, we talked of life and love and the flowing tide of feelings and emotions.  We took our time reaching the summit of this glorious asteroid- sized mountain – with views that endure a lifetime.  He told me it is  glorious when time just is --and we take time to savor moments.  This is the way life is best lived.

I snuggled with Mr. X in Violator's, Twilight, the new fall ensemble currently available at Fashion Avenue.  The flowing coat made of the finest velvet brocade is long, sleek and elegant. It is perfect for a late autumn ramble. In the front, the coat is open just enough to play peekaboo with the brief mini skirt.

Shoulder pads, a PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) friendly fur neckline and jeweled belt embellish the coat that comes with a sleek mini skirt.  This sultry coat has an evocative slit up the back as well, perfect for showing off your legs.

As twilight fades into night, the moon, was like a great white opalescent compass -- a beautiful silvery orb that showed brilliantly as we dined on a fabulous picnic packed by Mr. X of fresh hot curries, rice, dosa's, tandoori, and chai masala.  (Yes, I am hungry – aren’t you!)?

VIOLATOR Pret-a-Porter - Twilight is available in mesh standard sizing and comes in Black, Purple, Red and Foliage Green.  The ensemble consists of: mesh long coat with jewels on the belt, trailing flexi elements, fur shoulder pads, fur neck and a mesh mini skirt.
Hat: Violator: Deep At Night I Am Alone
Boots: Eshi Otawara: Black Silver Flower Boots


See Soraya Vaher´s new RL webshop with her RL Jewelry Line:  WWW.FINERBLACK.COM

FINERBLACK is a fashion label and online store conceived by the mind of Alessia Flavia Vitale, a Berlin based Italian designer, blogger and 3-D virtual entrepreneur and artist.  The FINERBLACK label is for those daring and stylish ladies and gentlemen who wish to step out from the crowd.  FINERBLACK conveys a modern powerful feeling combining elegant classic echoes, shining chains and strong metallic colors that rule the trends, as you deserve to.

FINERBLACK chokers and jewelry are wearable art interpreted with fetish and Avant-garde suggestions--obviously sensual, intriguing and elegant.

FINERBLACK: Quality and high design meet the excellence of Italian and German crafted materials for style, class, spoiled elegance, extravagance and outstanding quality.