Monday, March 6, 2017

Mr. X and the Ladies Tux - L.A. BoS @ Marvelous Events

Sexy... pure and simple and yes, from Marlene Dietrich to Madonna they have strutted womens' fashions that have been influenced by menswear.  Is there nothing  sexier than a woman in a tux! There are endless ways to make this black and white tux sexy or demure as you like...and the new exclusive  by L.A. BoS called Ladies Tux at  the March Marvelous event is a keeper. It is made for classic bodies and can easily be worn with mesh as well as I am wearing it.

Suffice it to say the plunging neckline of this tux complimented by the arched sleeves, high neckline and a white rose corsage is hawt!  I love the black and white abstract pattern on the jacket that gives it an updated trendy vibe. Ladies tux also comes with sexy lace up leggings.  And, what else is there to say about the  hip hugging leather bikini pants replete with studding except... wow!... Some do like it hot indeed!

Women have Yves Saint Laurent to thank for introducing the this liberating style. It was the fall of 1966 when YSL displayed Le Smoking, the first ever tuxedo style suit made for women. I name was derived from the British 19th c. men's smoking jackets, so called because of their silk lapels that were designed to repel ash from an after dinner cigar.

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Exclusive @ Marvelous Events
Women's Tux - L.A. BoS
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