Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mr. X & Superstition - New Gown TWA and Necklace Muse

I am naturally superstitious...I always throw spilled salt over my left shoulder. I keep rosemary by my garden gate. I have my gardeners plant  lavender and roses for luck and love.
Speaking of love and luck, I remember seeing him for the first time.  The sound of a war horn sliced through the silent courtyard. As though summoned, a dark shape condensed out of the mist... a knight in full armor riding a huge stallion. 

Horse and man seemed one, indivisible, fierce, unforgettable. 
Our eyes met and lingered....with the implied yes.  He told me I looked like an elegant maid in this new creation called Superstition by TWA. The gown comes in many colors - lavender, purple, gold, hunter, blood to name a few. I love the V shaped neckline and puff sleeves.

He loved my smooth white skin -- pale like spun moonlight and my hair raven black.  Dressed in a brocaded silk velvet gown that is blood red and black, the colors of my father's keep...he told me I was unforgettable.  The necklace I am wearing from Muse called Perpetua has a color changing hud that allows you to change the colors of the pearls, brooch and gemstones... it is amazing.

Gown *NEW* !!TWA!! - Superstition in Gold, Purple, Lavender and Blood

Necklace, Bracelets and Earrings - Muse *NEW* Perpetua Bronze

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Angelina Limited Edition
Lashes - October 4 Seasons - Undaunted

Hair - D!va- Manon

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