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The Decades Festival Vintage Fashion Show, Entertainment, Poetry and Ball June 27

Mr. X and I decided that part of the fun of SL is being able to dress and style with your imagination being the only limitation. As a lover of fashion and history I enjoy dressing up in period outfits from Elizabethan inspired gowns and gorgeously beaded dresses of the 1920s to the hipster clothes of the 1960s.
Sonatta Morales - Sol 

We are looking forward to attending the Decades Festival on June 27 beginning at 12 SL time that will bring the history of fashion to life. Decades was conceptualized and organized by  Freda Frostbite and SisterButta.

At 2:30 SL time, the "What Shall I wear?" fashion show takes place highlighting formal attire for both ladies and gentlemen from ancient Rome through the Boho 1970s.  This all-star fashion show is being produced by  Algezares Magic and Euridice Qork of aQuarela Models and will highlight many top period designers. "What Shall We Wear" showcases how people of different eras have presented themselves in public and how social roles and customs are expressed through their choices of clothing, jewelry, hairstyles and makeup.

L'Optimiste - Silver Elizabethan Gown

The gowns range from a formal toga that could be worn by the wife of a Roman senator to an extravagant 18th century Court gown worn for the most formal of balls held by the King and Queens of France to the panache of a 1930s socialite out for "lunch with the ladies" at the most exclusive of restaurants in Paris, London, or New York. The show ends with a drop-dead glamorous formal gown that reflects today's trends in haute couture.

In addition to the fashion exhibit and show, the DECADES Festival and Ball also features 14 additional major exhibits and 15 live performances and/or interactive events that run the gamut from Renaissance music and poetry to coffee house RP.

Totally non-commercial DECADES Festival on Vahalla Island is being held to raise awareness and funds to support historic and educational communities in the metaverse.

Event LM  (show schedule below)

Wearing Two Outfits that will be  featured exclusively in the Fashion Show

Dress -Sonnatta Morales - Sol
Main Store LM

Gown -L'Optimiste - Silver Elizabethan Gown
Main Store LM

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Jewel Blossom Make Up #3

Photo Studio - Mesh Photo- Image Photography

Performances: - All times are SLT (US Pacific Time)

1:00 AM
Pavilion Stage
Ceci Dover will perform like no one but Ceci does.  If you have never seen her very high energy show, this is your chance.  Ceci does a wide variety of music from many eras.  Her voice is dazzling.  AND she   is wonderful to work with.  She is one of Second Life's true professionals.  (Streamed)
3:00 AM
Observatory Cafe
Coffee Break!  Puss Applewhyte  will host in the observatory coffee house.  IC event.  Come from your favorite time period.

4:30 AM
Decades Underground
*Lamentations of The Sabine Women* by Stephanie Mesler, performed by Avi Choice winner, Freda Frostbite.  This poem  cycle based on the mythology and history of early Rome will be published this summer in Mesler's   book,  *GodSongs.*  Decades Underground.  (Local Voice)

6:00 AM
Observatory Cafe
Coffee Break!   Crazy lady and "mouth of the South" Trolley Trollop will get you laughing as she shares funny stories from some of her favorite Southern USA writers.    IC event.  Come from your favorite time period. (Local Voice and Text)

7:00 AM
Pavilion Stage
Pablo Meness, Classical Guitar.  Join this talented man as he brings great music to the Decades stage in the pavilion.  (Streamed)

7:00 AM
Observatory Cafe
Coffee Break!  Saraphen Colliope is your host in the observatory coffee house.   IC event.  Come from your favorite time period. (Text)

8:00 AM
Decades Underground
Poetry from the last 2 1/2 Millenia with Sabreman Carter and Freda Frostbite.  From Sapphos to  Cisneros, Sabreman and Freda have selected some of their favorites to share with you in an hour of     historically significant poetry in The Decades Underground.  (Local Voice)
9:00 AM
Pavilion Stage
Madmax Huet takes the stage with his great mix of rock and blues. We promise Max will have you shaking your groove thang, no matter what decade you are from!  (Streamed)

9:00 AM
Observatory Cafe
Coffee Break!  Mary Von Hardenburg will host in the observatory coffee house.  IC event.  Come from your favorite time period.  (Text)
10:00 AM
Decades Underground
18th century physician,  Dr. William Greymoon, will discuss advances in medicine and herbology.  IC event.   (Text)

11:00 AM
Observatory Cafe
Coffee Break!  Lady Aph MacBain will host in the observatory coffee house.  IC event.  Come from your favorite time period.  (Text)

12:00 NOON
Decades Ball in The Pavilion.  Freda will provide an eclectic stream of dance music from many, many time periods, from the time of the Pharaohs to the time of Lady Gaga.  Come decked out in dance garb from your favorite time period.  Balloons will be dropped!  Conversation will be scintillating!  Prizes will be awarded!  (Streamed and in Text)

2:00 PM
Observatory Cafe
Coffee Break!  Hester Lynch Thrale Piozzi will be your barista (and bartender?) in The Decades Observatory Coffee House.    IC event.  Come from your favorite time period.  (In Text)

2:30 PM
Decades Fashion Tent
“What shall I wear?” Those four words must be among the first ever uttered. Our all-star fashion show produced by  Algezares Magic and Euridice Qork of aQuarela Models in Second Life will feature formal attire for both ladies and gentlemen from ancient Rome through the Boho 1970s. Come and see history walk the runway!  (Streamed)

4:00 PM
Decades Underground
Live Theater in The Decades Underground, organized by the phenomenally talented, Sere Timeless.  Featuring performances from ancient Rome, the ever-so- romantic Barretts, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez by some SL's best known and loved RP and spoken word talents.  (Local Voice)

5:30 PM
Pavilion Stage
Wald Schridde takes the Decades Festival Stage for an hour of Renaissance and Medieval music.  Wald is known throughout SL's historical RP communities.  You won't want to miss this talented musician.

Observatory Cafe
Coffee Break!  Heximer Thane will be your barista for a half hour.  Be sure to ask him about jet engines. And entropy.  Don't forget to mention entropy.    IC event.  Come from your favorite time period.  (In Text)

7:00 PM
Decades Underground
Caledonia Skytower of the Seanchai Library (on THREE grids now) will share her unique talent as a storyteller when she performs historical prose at The Decades Festival.  (Local Voice)

8:00 PM

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