Friday, November 28, 2014

Singha and Mr. X New by Sonatta Morales - - panther

"dedicated to my beloved singha -- he moved like a panther RL you will see"   .......It doesn't have to be scandalous.  I met Mr. X in front of Fontana di Trevi, late June.  We ate maritozzi and cannoli all afternoon.  Drank amarone all night. Never left a little cafe off Via del Corso.
It was dawn when he finally kissed me. I think I have this right. I was wearing the new jacket with a big bow and trousers in crushed velvet by Sonatta Morales called Panther.
The emerald details of this sexy ensemble was unforgettable with beading on each side of the collar and a gorgeous box hat replete with an emerald and diamond jewel and romantic netting that casts a perfect shadow of mystery around my face.

Singha my panther
The new nails by ghee in 8 shades of green make it easy to match the gem in the hat.
I love the back of this jacket that has the noble face of a panther on it.  Even after all these years Mr. X remembers that my green eyes match those of the panther.
 Mr. X lingers, running his fingers along my elegant new crushed velvet jacket, trying to get closer, admiring my style...enjoying my perfume.

This blog is dedicated to my 6 year old beloved "apple face  traditional" Siamese cat, Singha that died suddenly 11/27 of  a blood clot....i will miss him so much.

Panther - Sonatta Morales - New
Hair - Sonatta Morales - Gold - Atippi

Nails -  Essential Nails Green - ghee - New

Skin - Morphine Skin - Lauren

Mesh Photo Studio - Image Photography

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