Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Drama of Light and Shadows and Mr. X new release by Violator

"Only the full sun overhead diminishes the shadow that has served me so well -- and you my darling Sita are the sun...." oh Mr. X waxes poetic sometime...
Violator's new release Light and Shadows is my candle in the night. A night where boundaries are my quest and the length of a shadow is a measure of time.
Shadows and light... somedays, time seems to stand still... l love the way the black lace flowers of this dress sweep through the air throwing their shadows on the white silk of this sheath like dress.
Stunning and sheath like in style this white silk dress has an ethereal element that is unforgettable.
 The subtle detail of dark stripes on this dress flirt with the white silk... to sleep with the dark is to learn to love light....
Mr. X I wait for you in the shadows... a penumbra... like the moon shining bright in the midnight sky....

Wearing: Dress: Violator- Light & Shadows
Hair: Violator: Face of the Enemy Black
Earrings: Glitter Black Star Ear Implant
Eyelashes- Violator Glitter Silver and Black

Real Life Designs www.finerblack.com

Shoes: Gold in the Night- Lady D  Black
Eyes: Madrid Solo  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/105577
 Pekka Black Make Up

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