Monday, September 30, 2013

Kelp a limited release by Eshi Otawara and Mr. X

Mr. X.  And sunrise.  The unforgettable scene of an atoll rising from the great depths of the ocean, curving around a luminous lagoon like a sea serpent coiled around a sparkling jewel…and that jewel is Eshi’s newly released limited edition dress called Kelp. 
Intricately textured in shades of black and gold this dress is reminiscent of a sea star.  Kelp is visually arresting with flaring curves and spikes that dazzle with horizontal and vertical patterns.

You have never seen earrings like these before, shaped like sea urchins they are light weight and hypnotic.  The hat crowns this look perfectly.

The top has impeccably textured shoulder pads complimented by an extraordinarily decorative neckline.  A semi-sheer body suit of golden fish intensifies dimension and flourish…this look is unforgettable so many levels.

This bristling bell shaped skirt ripples with textures and curves reminiscent of a sea urchin. The gold and black pattern on the skirt is actually a repeating pattern of golden fish swimming in kelp.

Asymmetric styling implies motion…adding the bottom two- leg pieces to the dress –utterly transforms the dress to a reef where fish dance in a forest of kelp. Put on the special attachment of “bubbles” and you become one with the ocean.

Immersed in a forest of kelp and fish… you become a flower of the sea… dangerous, alluring…wanted… beloved.  Thank you for the island idyll Mr. X.

Hair - DrLife -

For Eshi’s Rela Life artwork

Photographer: Frankx Lefavre

Sim: Devil’s Island- Frankx Lefavre

Saturday, September 28, 2013

New Release By Danielle - Casually Elegant...and Mr. X

Mr. X told me he wanted a late summer fling… “I beg your pardon!” Laughing, he said, “No, not that kind of fling… rather an island idyll; somewhere in the South Pacific… somewhere like Fakarava.”  Yes, let’s say that again, Fakarava, an atoll in the Tuamotus.

Looking for something casually smart I found a new release called Inne by Danielle to be perfect for languidly sipping cocktails at sunset, admiring a cascading waterfall as it plunges down sheer volcanic cliffs or a midnight rendezvous on a beach that radiates like a mirage --  the lagoon, smooth and unrippled as a mirror under a windless sky.

Inne comes with a beaded top that is flirty in a peekaboo way.  Indulge in this inviting cotton voile – irresistibly layered as a sexy stomach-bearing top! The texture is custom and is beautifully made; a perfect example of an artful tie die with its’ cascades of colors and patterns.

The skirt with its’ fitted waist billows and flows with something extra!  With its peplum overlay arced over the skirt it cascades with the colors and adds √©lan to your stroll down any beach anywhere.  Inne is available in five colors, blue, red, beige, green and black.  Inne is rigged mesh and comes in several sizes that makes wearing it a breeze.

Wearing Inne – Blue – Styles By Danielle
IWearing Gothic Madame – 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Low Prim Landscaping Ideas & Mr. X

My pavilion is surrounded by 6 prim maple trees that come in two distinct shapes, regular and gnarled in shades of orange, pink, spring green and cherry blossom pink fastidiously created by Cube Republic.  You can copy and modify the size of these realistic trees with their hand drawn bark and intricately detailed leaves to compliment any landscape design. 

I see a lovely gift box on my tea table with a note from Mr. X –“My Darling Sita inside this box you will find something you have searched for – it is exceptional and only 2 prims.”

A Bonsai Tree!  I have always wanted a low prim bonsai tree for my home.  This meticulously accurate bonsai tree also designed by Cube Republic comes in two versions, a regular maple tree and a gnarled maple tree and best of all both are just an amazing two prims. As with everything that Cube makes, the detail is remarkable and his eye for accuracy is astounding.

The Bonsai Tree will be available at Acid Lily Gallery October 2.  The Acid Lily Gallery features new, exclusive and discounted items that range from home furnishings to make up and apparel from some of SL’s top designers.  While many people understand that bonsai is something to do with growing little trees, they perhaps do not appreciate that the most important thing is to grow a majestic small tree. And, this tree is majestic and comes in shades of crimson, autumn orange, cherry pink and spring green.

For other items created by Cube Republic visit
All models and textures are original art work created by Cube Republic. 
Acid Lily Gallery

Dress: Japanese Print - Acedia Albion

Necklace: Finesmith Sept. Gift - -

Boots: Schmidt - Eshi Otawara-

Hair - DrLife -

Zen Garden - Frankx Lefavre