Friday, September 4, 2015

The deluge and Mr. !Lyrical B!zarre at Fashion Limited

The deluge... Mr. X liked the sound of that and when he saw this new exclusive gown by !Lyrical with its gorgeous cascading layers of orange silk, gold lace and the fabulous interplay of the autumn leaves on the dress,  he knew this dress was for me.

Deluge with its sweeping flexi prims is not mesh and goes to prove that if you are an expert in textures and design like !Lyrical is, then it really doesn't matter.  Sold separately is a floral headpiece that adds a dash of elegance to this beautiful gown.

 I love the leaf pattern around on the bodice of this gown and along the flowing hemlines.  Wearing this I  feel like the perfect autumn day!  Deluge is one of two exclusives by !Lyrical at Fashion Limited that runs through September 30.
Another absolutely gorgeous limited edition gown at Fashion Limited is called Susy II to be found here. This gown is sleek silk and sexy with a flowing mermaid hemline. The hot pink of this gown is set off perfectly with a simple gold belt at the waist. This gown is partial mesh and comes in 5 sizes making it easy to wear. I have paired it with the new skin by October 4 Seasons called Latte Alisha - it comes with six make-ups and a natural make up as well plus all appliers.
Sold separately is a fabulous headdress called fall headpiece with red leaves on gold stems that tumble amid strings of pearls.... how romantic and enticing is that!  Wearing this headpiece I feel like the Queen of Autumn... and dream of long walks on a leaves that form a golden path through a pine scented forest.... with Mr. X... at my side.

Two Exclusives at Fashion Limited
!Lyrical B!zzarre - Deluge, Susy II and Fall Headpiece
Fashion Limited LM
!Lyrical B!zzarre Main Store

Skin - October 4 Season Skins
Zulay Papavar and Flossy eyemake up orn with Deluge
*new* Alisha Latte worn with SusyII
Lashes - Undaunted mesh

Poses - LosBos- Femme Set

Hair - Agrace - Urara

Sparkie Harland - Image Photography Meshudio Version 2
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