Saturday, September 5, 2015

Mr. X -Shaken not Stirred -- New Resun

Mr. X told me Resun has created a fabulous new casually elegant outfit in skin tight sexy leather -- Mr. X loves the feel of leather...and so do I.  This outfit comes in two pieces, a leather jacket and a flirty skirt called Laika.
The jacket is loosely based on a bomber jacket or bombardier that was originally created for pilots.  This jacket is cropped to keep it trendy and updated.  Like the original bomber jackets it  has an elastic waist and a zipper all the way up the front.  It even has a snap down epaulets and, of course, no outside pockets.

The skirt is a mini -- short and flirty... a perfect combination.  Best of all it each piece comes with a color changing hud making it fun and easy to mix and match.  There are  7 colors featured  creme, blue, caramel, red, chocolate, silver and black.  This is made for most mesh and regular bodies.


*New* - Resun - Laika - Skirt and Jacket with color changing hud

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Rehana Marigold
Lashes - Undaunted

Hair - Vanity  * New*  Never Wanted You - Must Haves

Shoes - Wicca Merlin - Belted Heels Sandstone

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