Friday, August 21, 2015

The Artful Mr. X - Modern Couture @ The Instruments & New Skin October 4 Seasons

Mr. X told me that I glided through a sea of bourgeois pageantry as if from the worship of Greek figures such as Venus and Aphrodite in the exclusive new dress found at the Instruments by Modern Couture called the Artsy Fall Dress and in my new Latte skin by October 4 Seasons.

There is a wild and untamed element to this dress with it's  asymmetrical hemline and bold pattern that reminds me of a party (ok a nice word!!)  that is fun and spontaneous...think Bacchus!

The Arsty Dress comes in three shades -- I loved the teal blues because it reminds me of the tropics and the clear turquoise and azure waters found there... and of course, it reminds me of the eyes of my beloved Mr. X -- yes, they are the most gorgeous shades of blue just like this dress.

As for the skin, this is the new one by October 4 Seasons called Alisha in Latte -- it is the perfect Autumn Shade that goes perfectly with the shades offered by Modern Couture at the Instruments.  Alisha comes in SIX make-ups plus a natural make up as well as loaded with all appliers and several below the belt tattoos that are sure to heat things up this autumn... but,  I never kiss and tell !

The asymmetric dress is here to stay this season and this one is really a total wrap over statement.... sassy and slinky at the same time.  I plan to wear this to a party with attitude --- and in this, I have plenty of it!

Exclusive at The Instruments - Through  September 6th 

The Instruments  Exclusive - Gown - Modern Couture  - Artsy Dress in Fall and Jade (it also comes in Purple)

Skin - October 4 Seasons - *NEW* - Alisha - Latte
Lashes - October 4 Seasons - Undanted Mesh

Sparkie Harland - Image Photography Meshudio Version 2
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Hair - Vanity Hair - Italian Job Must Haves

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