Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mr. X @ Sneak Peek! Nya, Lushby CoCO & AshmOot

I met Mr. X in a tiny town called Fira that clings to a cliff on a circular archipelago called Santorini. He told me I was like a water-filled caldera; a natural creation of arresting beauty and troubled youth, intoxicatingly dangerous.... Mr. X mutters, last time... she erupted she buried Atlantis.  At Sneak Peek, I kicked up a storm and notched up my dress, hair and shoe collection a bit. Oh what fun I had.

Nya, a long time favorite designer created a cute dress called Coleen with a deep plunging neckline, cinched belted waist and straight skirt in a series of four fabulous textures that make me recall long summer days picking flowers and shells on the beach on Nantucket Island.

With this dress, less can be more as you glide through SL with sheer grace and a flirtatious feel. The striking textures used to create Coleen from water colors to abstracts to a lavish floral print makes this dress a standout.

Conveniently, I found a new shoe designer, LushbyCoCo whose shoes called Safari at Sneak Peek are at the cutting edge of the fashion trends.  They are strappy high heeled sandals in those oh so hard to find colors -- tangerine, sandstone, custard, scuba,  lucite, treetops -- they are all pastels and come in colors that are all the rage on the RL runways.  They also match Nya's dresses perfectly.

AshmOot Hair  has just released two hairstyles, Monica in Dark Brown and Coll Ilenia in red.  Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love hair... this long mesh hair is parted on the side and is shown in red and dark brown...and adds so much to this look... one that Mr. X has fallen head over heels for!

Exclusives at Sneak Peek

Dress: Nya - Coleen Dress: Tangerine, Custard and Aquamarine 

Shoes:  LushByCoCo: Tangerine, Custard and Lucite

Hair: AshmOot Hair- Monica and Coll Ilenia  

Event LM _ Sneak Peek

Skin: New - Jewell October 4Seasons Skins

New - Photo Studio - The Pod - Image Photography

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