Sunday, December 21, 2014

Night Out Mr. X - Valentina by Jumo and New Skin

A night of your life deserves a night of your life outfit!  And this elegant sheath styled cocktail dress called Valentina is perfect with it's shimmering textures and sexy fur sleeves.

Valentina comes in a variety of colors that includes red, black, navy,  teal (paradiso)  and gold.  A night to remember -- something for the paparazzi - they do have their job to do... something stunning like eye candy on Mr. X's arm.
Jumo makes it easy because she has created stylish stiletto heels that are embellished with flowers that match the flowers on the cuff styles bracelets and necklace. The heels are sold separately but the lavish jewelry comes with the dress. I am also wearing Nordic Nails in silver by ZOZ available at Fresh Styles.

The new skin, Keiko Red is beautiful with red or amber colored hair... and goes beautifully with many colors, Mr. X likes it with all shades of blue... he really is such a fashionista.
Just in time for the holidays, Jumo has created a Christmas Gown in a bright red silk texture that is embellished with holiday ornaments.  This gown has a sexy plunging neckline with gold accents that is sure to warm up a cold winter night.

Dress, Jewelry and shoes - Jumo - Valentina in Navy and Paradiso
Gown - Jumo - Christmas Gown

Skin - Octobers 4Seasons - Keiko Red

Nails - Nordic Silver at Fresh Styles

Hair - D!va - black amber and amber

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