Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Order of the moon... Mr. X and Vin by Sascha

The sky is lit by the splendor of the moon... a pale queen of the silent nights....

stars shimmer like diamonds and form the mantel of Artemis, goddess of the moon... she lives in wild places and dances in sandals of silver..

Just to be released... the note read... from Mr. X... "Sascha has created a glorious gown called Vin that rivals the moon itself in beauty... as you do my love..."  Mr. X just gushes sometimes... he can't help himself because deep down he is  romantic... and, yes, mine!

Vin is stunning and dreamlike with lace like feathered wings and lacey shoulder pads that ripple in the breeze.  A sheer top that criss-crosses your chest adds a touch of exoticism.
A flowing many layered grand ball gown made of several flexi layers swirls and sways with each movement adding drama and flair to this must have gown.

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