Sunday, August 3, 2014

Moonlight and Mr. X new release by ghee

It is night.  I watch moonlight dancing on water from a room of decaying splendor of a bygone age.
 The walls are painted with heraldic designs in indigo and vermilion, floors tiled with stone and long, narrow arched windows are filled with stained glass. I think back of how Mr. X and I first met...
With the sun setting, the fog rolls in off the coast melting into the surrounding countryside where  hills fit into hills like lovers  dreaming enchantment...he emerged unexpectedly, unanticipated and unpredicted.
The first thing I remember about Mr. X were his eyes... I will never forget glancing into his blazing blue eyes and the first glimpse of how his

Moonlight, the new fashionable gown by ghee with its' sequins spangled off the shoulder top that is alluring like the sweet jasmine breeze that blows gently around you...Moonlight by ghee comes in rich jewel tones...onyx, emerald, sapphire, ruby and amethyst.
The flowing ballroom skirt with a sequins belt is glamourous creating an unforgettable sensation when you glide into the room. Matching heels for slink high feet are sold separately and complete the look.

Wearing: ghee - Moonlight in  amethyst, ruby and emerald

Hair D!va

Hair - Violator - Amen - and earrings with amethyst 

Skin - Morphine - Jade - Medium

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