Sunday, February 2, 2014

Radiance - New Vintage Release - Sonatta Morales

Sonatta Morales the Empress of Vintage Fashion on SL has a brilliant new design called Radiance.  This marvelous dress has a relaxed, almost semi-fitted silhouette that is enhanced with a colorful abstract graphic design.  This historically accurate dress is fun, flirty and sexy at the same time.

There is something romantic about vintage fashion that harkens back to the lighthearted Gibson Girls.  Radiance by Sonatta Morales is timeless in its’ elegance and would look as couture on the runway today as it did in the  nightclubs of  the roaring 1920s.

The centerpiece of this black silk dress is how it is embellished by orange, red and yellow fringe and beaded textures that are meticulously embroidered on this dress.  Mr. X tells me this dress is so realistic that when I wear it he feels the fringe brushing up against him when we do the Foxtrot!

No details are overlooked…. long silk black gloves with elegant beading that highlight the colors in the dress are included.  A necklace picking up the umber and black tones in the dress is also included adding a touch of elegance.

The starburst-beaded headpiece embellished with intricate beads on lace and festooned with feathers is gorgeously Great Gatsby esque.  Waiting in a colorful garden for Mr. X  I can hear the sweet notes of jazz beckoning…

Dress: Radiance – Necklace and Headpiece - Sonatta Morales
Hair: Lulu in Gold – Sonatta Morales

Earrings- Hearts of Fire Sapphires, Zuri 

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