Thursday, January 30, 2014

Violator’s Capriccio di Signora & Mr. X

Mr. X admires my penchant for impulse, my quirky moods, the whims and fanciful notions that both amuse and beguile.

As always, Mr. X found the perfect dress to compliment my capricious nature… the new dress by Violator called Capriccio di Signora.  This dress is partially mesh with five sizes making it easy to wear. 

Capriccio di Signora cascading silver ruffles add eye catching allure and glamour.

Capriccio di Signora is embellished by a gorgeous silver collar and chain that completes the look of this whimsically beautiful dress…it inspires awe whether you wear it with a conventional skin or a whimsical skin... the choice is yours the dress blends with both.
I wait for Mr. X in the bright moonlight... wondering what adventures this night will bring.......

Violator - Dress, necklace, earrings - Capriccio di Signora in Silver (also comes in several other fabulous colors) 

Violator - Chain of Command Boots - Platinum

Violator - Hair – Casta Diva Chignon

For RL -- check it out

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