Friday, January 3, 2014

New House and New Skin Release - a cozy love nest!

Aspen in the winter is textured in broad brushstrokes of white – rugged and pristine… surrounded by mountains, snow brushed pines and winter berries.  Aspen is the perfect place for Mr. X’s new rustically romantic winter love nest designed by Heart Homes.
Walking hand and hand with Mr. X in this outdoor fantasyland he showed me the most romantic winter cottage I have seen…perfect for cuddling next to blazing fireplaces while the snow flies in all its’ fury and the winds gust.  It even has my favorite swing where we idle the hours away.....
Mr. X leads me to a gorgeously detailed porch and pergola with beautifully detailed winter leaves and a heart shaped roof.  This is a perfect place to hang the winter swing that is sold separately and is really sweet.  

I am wearing the skin released today by 7 Deadly s[K]ins called Tina.  This skin is fresh and sassy with a dash of innocence... just like me! The skin comes with appliers for hands and feet and has six different skin options. 
The winter “love nest” comes with many exciting details and stunning decorations. Winter fireplaces keep the rooms cozy and bright.  The windows are detailed with curtains and snowflakes making this house a perfect place to unwind and spend some time just enjoying. The sunken living room is artfully decorated and has a working fireplace.
The real highlight of this house is the workable sauna  THE FIRST in SL – you can actually start the sauna, throw water in the rocks (not at your loved one mind you!!), and turn the lights on and off.  Sauna animations include: 13 single animations including turning on sauna, steaming, tender fire, putting lotion on, putting water on rocks, etc.  There are also 28 couple animations.  The details are just incredible.
The sauna also comes with a number of props from lotion to a bucket to get the hot rocks steaming. And, if you are thirsty not to worry hydrate with mineral water -- that also comes as a prop.  The details are exacting right down to robes, towels and slippers.
A large master bedroom comes with a working fireplace and curtains and is the perfect place to "retire" to after a relaxing steam in the amazing sauna!
Remarkably, this partial mesh house is only 71 prims and when fully decorated with all fireplaces, pergola and accessories, the land impact is only 108 – well worth the few extra prims.

In addition to this fabulous new skin, I am wearing the cutest nordic styled sweater, socks, panda boots and hat by Kaci Kohime of KC designs... I just fell in love with the look.  Now I  am waiting for Mr. X... the sauna is all fired up.... and so am I! 

Winter Love Nest House - Aphrodite for Heart Homes

Aphrodite for Heart Homes Winter Swing: 

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