Monday, December 9, 2013

Swinging at the Christmas Expo with Mr. X and Heart Homes plus GIZZA at the J&A Expo

I am making my list and checking it twice…I shall never tell you when Mr. X is naughty or nice!

 I am relaxing while I wait for Mr. X in the just released Winter Swing by Heart Homes and Aphrodite Shop that is available at the RFL Christmas Expo.  I have looked  a long time for a swing like this.

This low prim swing (only 3) looks best attached to a tree or porch.  Simply click the swing to rezz a menu of single and couples poses.  You can start or stop swinging with an easy click between the strings of the swing.  The motion of the swing is perfect and very soothing.

Couples and singles can choose from a number of activities to indulge in… from sipping hot chocolate and chatting on your cell phone to reading and working on your computer.

The details on this swing are really great from the leaves of white ice on the strings holding the swing up to the colorful quilt fabrics on the swing itself – the textures are so crisp you look at them and feel cozy.   I am wearing a fabulous pendant from GIZZA  from the Jewelry and Accessories Expo and the new sweater dress in black by Gabriel.

For full information and all the latest updates, please visit the Christmas Expo website: 

Aphrodite for Heart Homes

Jewelry and Accessories show LM     

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