Friday, November 1, 2013

Twilight Over Kilimanjaro (new release by Violator) and Mr. X

Dreaming in a rose-colored mist Mr. X took me to a heavenly haven romantically situated in the crater of Mount Kilimanjaro. 

As we strolled along, hand in hand, we talked of life and love and the flowing tide of feelings and emotions.  We took our time reaching the summit of this glorious asteroid- sized mountain – with views that endure a lifetime.  He told me it is  glorious when time just is --and we take time to savor moments.  This is the way life is best lived.

I snuggled with Mr. X in Violator's, Twilight, the new fall ensemble currently available at Fashion Avenue.  The flowing coat made of the finest velvet brocade is long, sleek and elegant. It is perfect for a late autumn ramble. In the front, the coat is open just enough to play peekaboo with the brief mini skirt.

Shoulder pads, a PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) friendly fur neckline and jeweled belt embellish the coat that comes with a sleek mini skirt.  This sultry coat has an evocative slit up the back as well, perfect for showing off your legs.

As twilight fades into night, the moon, was like a great white opalescent compass -- a beautiful silvery orb that showed brilliantly as we dined on a fabulous picnic packed by Mr. X of fresh hot curries, rice, dosa's, tandoori, and chai masala.  (Yes, I am hungry – aren’t you!)?

VIOLATOR Pret-a-Porter - Twilight is available in mesh standard sizing and comes in Black, Purple, Red and Foliage Green.  The ensemble consists of: mesh long coat with jewels on the belt, trailing flexi elements, fur shoulder pads, fur neck and a mesh mini skirt.
Hat: Violator: Deep At Night I Am Alone
Boots: Eshi Otawara: Black Silver Flower Boots


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FINERBLACK is a fashion label and online store conceived by the mind of Alessia Flavia Vitale, a Berlin based Italian designer, blogger and 3-D virtual entrepreneur and artist.  The FINERBLACK label is for those daring and stylish ladies and gentlemen who wish to step out from the crowd.  FINERBLACK conveys a modern powerful feeling combining elegant classic echoes, shining chains and strong metallic colors that rule the trends, as you deserve to.

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