Monday, October 7, 2013

Spooktacular Dining with Mr. X thanks to Heart Homes

Marina Ramer & Jaylin Whitewood of Aphrodite for Heart Homes have created a unique and unforgettable series of furniture that will provide spine tingling fun for all in SL.  

The Immortal Lovers Set and Bloody Mary Dining Room Set is perfect for Halloween and ideal for role-play.  Highly crafted low prim furniture, an endless number of animations, a truly fun and unforgettable menu and lots of surprises make for hours and hours of fun for you and your friends. We love the Bloody Mary Dining Room set so much (and so will you) that we have found a permanent home for it in one of our houses.

For an intimate dining experience, try the "Immortal Lovers" Romantic Dining Table for two.  The two chairs come with 7 sits, 12 special “horror” sits, 5 eating and drinking and 10 couples animations. 

A 4 prim haunted chandelier swings mysteriously over a six prim black table that allows you to rezz 1 prim animated Halloween placemats.

Here is where it gets interesting… the placemats rezz low prim appetizers, entrees, desserts and drinks for a total of 36 meals and 15 drinks… all custom made and amazingly detailed and loads of fun.  With names like  devil's stew, monster burger and Frankie Cake your friends are sure get a good laugh.

The Bloody Mary Dining Room Set is simply amazing and perfect for a Halloween party with friends.  The set comes with six low prim chairs upholstered with skulls that leer at you.  The chairs have 7 sits, 12 special “horror” sits, 4 eating and drinking and 2 holding hands animations.  There are many fun and surprising animations on the chairs from electrocution and hanging to the exorcist you have to try it and see!

The set includes a decorative gothic rug, and spider web, creepy candleholders for the table and wall and a haunted chandelier for the ceiling that will give your guests a fright as it swings like a haunted spirit overhead.  A Bloody Mary Book is included that will entertain your guests with three different urban legends about Bloody Mary and her escapades. She appears screaming in the a spooky dinner bell gone mad.

One prim placemats rezz low prim foods and drinks including Appetizers that includes salads and soups with or without floating eyeballs, Entrees that consist of 5 types of pizza some with “ghost cheese” and pasta, 3 types of fish, and for carnivores there are 7 choices of meat, along with 15 spooky drinks and 11 desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth.  In total there are over 40 meals to choose from and all low prim.

Don't miss out on the Halloween Fun...whether you choose the intimate Immortal Lovers or the Bloody Mary Dining Set you will enjoy thrills, chills and smiles!

Now, you might be wondering where does all this food come from… the always clever Marina and Jaylin have created the “Texas Massacre Halloween Kitchen – and it is a spooktacular in “goth” kind of way!  This haunted kitchen is a must have for a Halloween Party and will fit in well year-round if you have a Goth dark type of house in SL.

The best thing about this kitchen is that it allows you and your friends to cook from scratch and to clean up too!  The kitchen has a main module with many animations for singles, couples and even children to cook together no one is left out of the fun. You can prepare salads, toss a pizza and even scrub the floor… I will leave it to you to see what is on the chopping block! 

The kitchen set is low prim and comes with a table (4 prims), chairs (5 prims), a rug (2), jars (1), picture set (1), main module consisting of the sink, counters and oven (25), the upper cupboards (14), Fridge (1 prim with a couple and single ao) and fume hood (3).

Every animation rezzes a different scene, low prim to use together with that animation and also gives you wearable props to use; for example you are rolling dough with a rolling pin that rezzes for a pizza,  and if you are stirring pasta, you will get a spoon.  There are 13 menus that hold 16 couple animations, 5 animations for kids and 42 single animations.  The best news is that this is low prim and anywhere from 15 to 40 prims are used to create a scene.

To horrify your guests in the spirit of Halloween there is an optional table with some really gruesome options such as making “shepherds pie” to cleaning a sewer fish or carving a…head!

Furniture: Aphrodite for Heart Homes
Immortal Lovers" Romantic Dining Table
Bloody Mary Dining Table
Texas Massacre Halloween Kitchen

Bloody Mary Dining Room Video  -

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