Friday, October 4, 2013

Mr. X and the Dracula Room by Heart Homes

Marina Ramer & Jaylin Whitewood of Aphrodite Heart Homes have created a unique and unforgettable series of furniture that will provide spine tingling fun for all in SL. 
 Dracula’s Room Set is the first of a series of holiday and role-play inspired furniture Mr. X and I have enjoyed. We think that this furniture will provide hours and hours of fun for you and your friends. The Dracula Room Set is perfect for Halloween and ideal for RP and Vampires.  This set is full of unique animations that you will enjoy for years!  

The master chair is made of black leather that is so realistic you can feel it.  The chair, fit for Dracula himself, comes with 45 smooth and sensual animations including 9 sitting, 12 horror, 10 biting, and 4 couples kissing.  The fireplace comes with a complete menu of 6 animations for vampire biting couples and is set next to a spider web adding a spooky touch that is set off by a blood spattered carpet.

The bloodstained poof has 8 sitting and 8 horror animations including one called the exorcist – bet you can’t wait to try that one!   Entertainment is big in this parlor set as the vampire coffin coffee table has a Paul Stulac Vampires cigars box that delivers 2 different animated cigars to wear.

Mr. X and I enjoyed the little touches of Dracula’s lair.  For example, on top of the fireplace is a Vampires red wine sarcophagus that opens when you click it and gives out wearable unique drinks while emitting flying bats (that can be controlled with touch on/off).  The animated Dracula frame and the Vampires Halloween fangs jar with Vampire fangs that bite round out the fun!

Another spine tingling delight is the red wine rack with decorative Vampire wines and the Vampires skull jar.  Touch the jar and the skull lights up with glowing yellow eyes and the hat pops up and floats eerily to the table…adding a bit of chill to air.

Dracula’s Room Set - Aphrodite Heart Homes
Video that shows off the set: 

Dress and Shoes: Bellamorte by Boudoir

Hat: Dark Desire Mea Culpa

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