Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mea Culpa Launches New Pretaporter Line

Mr. X said,  “Sita… it is like Christmas!”  I, of course, had to remind him it was close to Halloween not Christmas.  “Let me take you Mea Culpa – so you can check out Tatanka Kaligawa’s new Pretaporter Line – this collection is like beautifully wrapped gifts that sparkle and beckon, each is designed with Mea Culpa’s signature pizzazz!” Once again, Mr. X is correct – this new collection is like Christmas and best of all, everything is under 1000 L. 

One stand out for me is called “Electra”, perhaps named after the Greek Princess that was Helen of Troy’s sister. Electra is richly textured in a batik like pattern of swirling flowers and plants that mirror each other. Soft pink, dove white patterns are accented by green flowers and leaves that swirl gracefully on this to die for low cut gown with a plunging neckline and bare back.

Another great look is Nashira, as brilliantly designed as the star it was named after.  A long sleek skirt in a rich red brocade pattern is all at once confident and sexy. Nashira is mesh and comes in several sizes and colors.

A beautiful flowing bolero jacket swirls and sways. The design of the bolero with its semi-translucent edging adds to this charming and versatile design that will be equally comfortable at a classical music ball or a midnight stroll under the stars.

My favorite dress is called Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky.  Sirius is a dream in teal and magenta. Waterfalls?  Watercolors? Flowers? Starbursts? An illusionist’s pattern on this dynamically textured dress that suggests a secret world of impressionist images for Mr. X and I to discover.

Playful scalloped tiered sleeves add a vintage touch to this otherwise modern sleek design. The neckline is trimmed with a ruffled flower pattern that adds a touch of romance to the design.

Katawa is well known for his haute couture designs.  In his new line, he has taken his skills to design items that can be worn just about anywhere on the grid boasting his tell tale expertise at unusual textures.  Don't miss this... go check it out!



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