Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chained... New Release Violator

Tonight I felt autumn in the air and and think of Mr. X …I return link by link along the golden chains of memory to the evening we first met… he was standing in the midnight glow…

Speaking of chains…. Violator’s new release “Chained” is elegant in its’ simplicity.  The choker and can be worn with or without a highly detailed gold flower pendant.  This versatile necklace creates an instant “wow” factor and is a must have.
The gold-stacked chain cuff bracelets are part of “Chained”. They have an industrial vibe that gives a fresh feel to the traditional take on cuff bracelets. Rare and ravishing drop earrings complete this set.  They are embellished by a burgeoning floral motif with curvaceous openwork details that are simply too cool.

This sleek and sexy dress replete with fishnet stockings by Gabriel makes men rawr!

Violator: Chained Necklace, Earrings and Cuff Bracelets

Gabriel: Megu Leopard Dress & fishnet stockings

Hair: Tukinowaguma – Rocca blonde

Boots: Eshi Otawara: Schmidt

Photo Mesh Touch Studion

Soraya Vaher’ real life fashion business Finerblack has items for both women and men, Finerblack is as exclusive as Violator and hopes to provide you with the same sense of artistic exuberance and uniqueness. Go and have a look for yourself and get your orders in now in case you want a special gift for a special someone this Christmas.

A favorite:
In RL the Treasure Chain Necklace (reminiscent of Chained in SL was inspired by metal vintage rosaries and ancient collars.   This necklace is made of mixed gunmetal and black anodized aluminum so it is very light -weight.  The chain can be wrapped around the neck, and has a hand built hammered zamak and unique pendant. The choker can be worn separately or with the chain pendant. Worn as a single as well as together with the chain pendant.

This 18 prim mesh studio is one of the most advanced in SL with the with Pose animation and texture drives Multiple avatars can pose. The studio comes with 100 poses and 75 textures, you can also add your own poses and textures – there is an unlimited allowance. In addition to textures you can select many many colors with the rgb board and darken them to give more range. You can texture the floor, backdrop or both with one texture from the texture select prims or the rgb board and adjust it up and down to suit. 6 Texture drives to categorize any textures you want separate from the main studios texture selections
The studio has 15 emitters that you can resize plus control how many burst out from the studio.  Snow, rain, smoke, animated flame, face expressions drop menu, props (add you own too) lighting features with color range, brightness and drop off flash, lights on and off are included.
No clicking buttons to move your avatar simply touch and drag it around, spin it or move it up and down. Jump on as many avatars as you like with ease of movement, place them where you want to create custom poses; or simply use the studio as a single avatar studio.  The Studio has an auto pose scroll menu as well as a manual menu.  Auto rotate/turn your avatar while you take photos.  Best of all there is no pose stand because it is all in the studio operations. The studio can be resized to fit any room. 
A security system is optional as well as button that allows you to automatically load to Flickr and Facebook.

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