Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Ultimate MassageTable and Beauty Spa

I have spent years looking for a low prim versatile massage table and spa. 

 I was sincerely thrilled to find the Thai Balance Couple Massage Table and Beauty Spa from Heart Homes for Aphrodite Shop; it is exactly what I was looking for and so much more.  Thoughtfully designed, it provides an unparalleled experience that will gratify lovers and friends because it includes an astonishing assortment of treatments and animations that are refreshing and unforgettable.

Mr. X always indulges me -- tonight it is my turn to pamper him!   I can’t wait to surprise him!  This realistically constructed 2 prim table comes in 6 colors (cream, blue, green, red, pink and black) and 136 animations that are easily adjustable. Best of all there are no pose balls; just sit on the table and let the magic begin.

Animations will delight and cater to every scenario imaginable and then some.  There are 20 sweet, tender and most loving couple cuddles, 16 Resting/lying/loving couples animations, 50 animations for couples massages, 44 of SL’s hottest sex animations and even a romantic slow dance. If you are shy, no worries, a modesty towel is included with an alpha layer. 

A side table (2 prims) with 7 scenes allows you to personalize the experience. Botanical amenities, 6 beauty treatments, candles and 50 massage animations are a feast for your senses.  This is the first massage table offering Thalassotherapy an ancient healing ritual that is so authentic that it even comes with a seaweed tattoo.  

Not a detail is missed.  The 6 treatments come with 12 (transferable) tattoos for the face and back adding to the authenticity of the experience. Oh Mr. X is in for a treat… while I am waiting for him I will use one of the solo animation options – the Lavender Set -- I want to make this evening won’t be hard to do with a spa of this caliber.

Item:  Thai Balance Couple Massage Table and Beauty Spa from Heart Homes for Aphrodite Shop


Hair: Emotions:  Ice Queen -

Dress: Baroque By Boudoir -

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