Friday, August 2, 2013

reBourne's Bali - in 48 hours... Mr. X and Paradise

Bali, the very word evokes the sublime mystery of the far east… 

of fragrant incense, stone grottos, music that dances on water, and flowers in a rainbow of colors set against verdant rice paddies.  Mr. X took me by the hand and said…let me take you to Bali my darling… how could I refuse.
Bali is the new skybox built by Danny Bourne, of rebourne Prefabs and should be seen it is fantastic!   Best of all it is 50% off for the next 48 hours  -- this is a deal not to be missed.  Bali comes furnished or unfurnished and is partially modifiable.  If you opt not to get the furnished version, some of the furniture is set for sale in the Bali demo. The premium version of the house also includes three different backgrounds and a waterfall that can be hidden.
Arriving in Bali you are immediately immersed in a tranquil garden with a perfectly textured wall surrounded by palm trees that give this build depth and a great sense of space. A glistening pool beckons for hours of languid conversation and play. A hammock swings in the breeze as serene as the wind in the palms.

A pair of lounge chairs overlooking the pool are perfect for sun bathing and lovemaking and everything between…but Mr. X and I never kiss and tell.

The dining area has a view that invites and the table is elegantly appointed with candles and a bowl of pineapples that are symbolic of hospitality.

A Zen bath and blazing fireplace add to the ambience… alluring like a night in paradise.   We can almost hear the music of the gamelan float on the breeze.

 A side alcove is a perfectly intimate space with two couches that provide the ideal spot for entertaining with new and old friends alike.

The Facts
Bali’s footprint is 64 m x 64 m as a skybox and 50 m x 50 m on the ground.  The number of prims depends on the option you choose to purchase and how much furniture you rezz.  Since Bali is built primarily of mesh prims be sure you have a viewer that sees mesh prims before you purchase the house.  If you have any questions, I suggest that you contact Suite Bourne.

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