Monday, August 12, 2013

Five Years of “Violator” Gold and Mr. X

“Violator” is the shop and Soraya Vayher is CEO and one of SL’s definitive designers, if you don’t know her – well shame on you!  Landmark below.  Time slides through our fingertips in both lives like gold… each strand and texture unique and treasured. 

At 1.5 years and old no longer a “newbie”… I was bored with my look… this is when Mr. X “Violated” me…. how could I resist!  

Mr. X gave me my first Violator gown and once I put it on, I was hooked  -- and never looked back… ever…through the years, Violator’s designs continue to… titillate (and more). If you are not a member – now is the time the 5- year anniversary gifts are amazing.

 Newsflash – this should not really be surprising and definitely supported by our SL community Soraya Vayher, one of SL’s most imaginative and skillful creators is designing in RL…  

These designs exude daring styles for men and women that challenge -- they always stand out from the crowd – assured, confident… ready…
Finerblack’s designs’ echo eons of culture and design amalgamated with chains and metal--- trendy and classic… intricate and exuberant – a cross road where where the quality of design meets the excellence of Italian crafted materials.

Dress, Hair, Eye make-up, shoes - Violator - 5 Year Anniversary for Members and more 

For RL -- check it out

This is the most powerful mesh photography studio built by Sparkie Hallard I have found in SL.  It not only holds unlimited avatars but the textures and avatars can be moved. There is no pose stand needed and you can rotate your avatar 360.  The size of the studio can be changed and comes with 110 animations, a series of different emitters and 65 textures and the ability to change the background to a countless number of solid colors.  Plus you can load animations separately and textures in a pre-organized area on the studion.  It is also easy to add your own textures and AO.  It has a Flickr button to take you to the Flickr website to upload your photos and has a lighting drop menu that is easy to use and lets you control the intensity.

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