Sunday, August 18, 2013

Feeling Vogue in Splendour – Sonatta Morales & Mr.X

To celebrate a special day, Mr. X asked me to meet him at the Cataract Cafe.  This is place where cigars and cigarettes flicker like fireflies in the warm evening air, a lazy fan swirls overhead and people sway to mellow jazz.  

Dressed in Sonnatta Morales new 1930s glamour gown appropriately called Splendour -- I walk into the Cataract, a place where models and builders, landowners and poets mingle and where those people, envied most, the rare couples, the true lovers... linger-- whispering to each other deep into the night. Heads turn as I enter in this rich burgundy gown sleek and sumptuous -- made of luminous crepes-de-chine.  Splendour is eloquent in its’ sensual formality. 

The centerpiece of Splendor is the sequins lotus pattern meticulously embroidered in the center of the gown in deep jewel colors with leaves that gracefully embrace each shoulder as gentle as a lover’s touch.  It is a dress that Greta Garbo, Jean Harlow or Marlene Dietrich would have worn with great flair.

The bare back of this dress is a work of art embellished by rich gold, red and orange glass and metal sequins beads – that glint and gleam  like a flirtatious goddess of the golden era.  A braided gold tassel between my shoulder blades commands attention…Mr. X fingers it gently as he whispers in my ear…tonight we talk of our quest of the essential, love of essence, and distillations, in life.

Dress: Splendour- Sonatta Morales
Hair: Adelle in Gold – Sonatta Morales
Earrings- Love – Sonatta Morales

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