Wednesday, July 10, 2013

U.K. Couture's Perfect Mix and Mr. X

Feeling frivolous on a misty summer day...

 I found a gift box from Mr. X-- “I know you think variety is the masala of life… and this outfit from UK Couture called Anu Earth should make you very happy.”  Indeed it does…and needless to say, Mr. X always makes me happy.

Masala – is not only a delicious spice mixture of Indian cuisine but also a genre of Bollywood films that mix action, comedy, musicals and drama.  

This dress is basic black with amazing netting that flows like a cool ocean breeze.  The first look of this dress is an elegant gown with bell sleeves and a sexy belt that adds a very distinctive touch.  I wear it at my new favorite home away from home… mysterious and romantic like Mr. X.

And, then, there is variety…. This outfit comes with a short sexy skirt that pairs perfectly with long sleek pants.

UK Couture’s design adds lace like bells on the pants making them trendy and just delicious!   Ah ---  the sun is setting – again, and I wait for Mr. X… I expect he will arrive as twilight arrives with her lavender legions…

I wait patiently in the mist of candlelight – memories that are sublime in detail… like shimmering veils of radiance…I wait for him in a place where time does not exist.

U.K. Couture - Anu Earth

Boots –Violator - Shoes- Violator – Prêt-à-porter Collection   Pride
For RL Designs of Violator

Hair: EMO-tions – Daria - flames

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