Monday, July 29, 2013

Take a Minute & Vote for SL Designer in RL - Eshi Otawara -- No Registration

Eshi Otawara one of SL's best designers has entered a RL competition and needs our votes. 

If you love fashion, the environment, recycling and creativity…vote for Eshi Otawara’s “Water Lily” by Sept. 13.  It will take you a minute to do; there is no registration – just log in to scroll to the bottom of the page and vote for “Water Lily” designed by Irena Mandic/Eshi Otawara.

The Facts

Dress: #18 Water Lily (scroll down to the end of the page to submit vote)

Voting Deadline: September 13

Details: In RL Eshi has entered Redline Milwaukee People's Choice Award, sponsored by Shepherd Express. All outfits are made from materials that are used, post-consumer or on its way to the landfill. Simply choose Eshi's design #18 by September 13.   To vote go to and vote today!   Vote for the Water Lily dress!  

Materials Used: Materials Used: Shrink-wrap, glitter, cardboard box, newspaper, wire hangers, glue and discarded plastic bits from last year’s dress.

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