Monday, July 29, 2013

Mr. X -- Glitter and a peek at the Real Eshi...

Tonight I have decided to share a secret with you…

Mr. X has the soul of a thoughtful artist that manifests itself in his exuberant builds, creative scripts and photographic skills. Speaking of thoughtful creativity, Eshi Otawara is an outstanding artist and fashion designer in RL and SL. Her manipulation of colors, textures and design are undeniably evocative; “I am made of Glitter”a new release exemplifies this.

 A thunderstorm illuminates desire and the stuff dreams are made of.  “I Am Made of Glitter” is sensational with sheer netting punctuated by lightening luminous stars draped on a texture that is like the midnight sky. 

 I Am Made Of Glitter” flairs out to one side shimmering and sensual – and demanding attention wherever you go. 

A flirty bodice accentuated with shimmering blue stars and a graceful feather like mantel frames the dress like constellations from far off galaxies.  

Pearl headdress earrings add even more dimension to this dramatic dress.

A RL Eshi Dress ---  Simply Amazing.  Here is the important information -- VOTE!  In RL  Eshi has entered Redline Milwaukee People's Choice Award, sponsored by Shepherd Express. All outfits are  made from materials that are used, post-consumer or on its way to the landfill.  Simply choose  Eshi's design #18  by September 13.   To vote go to and vote today!   Vote for the Water Lily  dress !  Voting will take place at  

Don't miss Eshi's RL artwork --- Poe the cat --- you will fall hopelessly in love !  Poe The Cat is a character on his way to stardome!  Want your own ? Order it --- Poe is a series of paintings.  Check him out!

SL Styling

Dress: Eshi Otawara- I Am Made of Glitter
Earrings: Eshi Otawara - Pearl Headdress Blue
Boots: Eshi Otawara - Lady Blue

Hair: Sonatta Morales Lulu

Photo Studio -- the "New Touch" Studio - This has areas to store textures and poses the most amazig and powerful photo studio on the grid a must have.

Photographer: Frankx Lefavre

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