Thursday, June 20, 2013

Must See at Second Life Birthday - Chrysalis by Frankx Lefavre

I was excited about a build I saw at Second Life Birthday 10 -- it was intricately romantic with light and color emerging from all sides. My partner worked for days on this build and it was a joy to watch it evolve from a single prim to a plethora of prims and scripts.  I am writing about it to share with all of you because I think it is amazing to experience. The name of the exhibit is Chrysalis and it is located on Astound

Chrysalis is both a reference to the pupal stage of a butterfly enclosed in its' cocoon in a protected stage of development and the SL journey of its' builder, Frankx Lefavre. "I built this in the hope of representing how SL has transformed  me over 5 years and to show how light, prims and scripts can be made to become a thing of beauty unto themselves. I hope that I have achieved this to some degree.  I am a self taught builder, scripter and texture maker and everything you see in the build has been created and built by me."

In this build, the butterfly has emerged amid resplendent colors --  a galaxy of exploration --- in flashing neon’s and lights that pulsate with a life of their own. Night falls as you enter this phantasmagorical build that enables you to appreciate all the work that has gone into creating this immersive atmosphere. "You can ride the main ring to the top of the platform for a view out over the Sims of Astound and its surrounds, but don’t step off it or you'll fall to the ground."

For the technically minded, this has a land impact of approximately 50 prims set to convex physic shape and has 4 scripts running in the main build and one in each of the moving rings.  My advice is to go ride the rings to heart of the butterfly, ride on the wind and let your mind soar with Tagore said, "the butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough." (Fireflies)

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